in case of fire.

IF When there is smoke, there is fire. AND When there is fire, do not use the elevator. THEN When there is smoke, do NOT use the elevator. ELSE You might die.


I have a photograph of you up on the wall on the right side of my bed. You look tormented, what a good acting you’ve done, but still so handsome. Like a beggar, a random someone said, but that’s how…



Many years ago, I took this photo with my video camera, and learnt quite a bit about politics.

i am writing fireflies.

I am writing fireflies and my stocking is ripped. Not big, just a small nick. Got somehow caught in between the pedal of my bike and something else mysterious. Guerilla gardening.

i am.

Everyone’s soulmate, nobody’s partner.


He once told me that he felt I was writing especially for him. But one day he stopped reading and my writing continues. Still, It didn’t matter, because my writing is not a writing when he’s not there to read…


There is something so right about fireflies. The earthworms would wait for their time to hatch and fly out bringing tons of little lights. They would bring history with them like troubadours and fill your house with wings, encouraging it…


Once upon a rain in Boston, I fell down. Below the red carpet dusty megaphones were singing. Carol tides. Don’t you wanna go home, they said, I do. Well then just go home they said, I will. April would be…


Once upon a train in Tokyo.

over here.

While over there, the lowest in the society have to work the most, because they just don’t have any other option to survive, over here, the lowest in the society work the least, because they just can over here it’s…