Quickly cut tofu to small pieces, pour enough corn flour on a small plate to cover the tofu pieces on all sides, fry tofu pieces covered in corn flour, put on a plate covered with oil-absorbing paper. In the meanwhile…


Boil water. Put a good amount of basil seeds and goji berries in a bowl. A handful should be fine – my handful that is. When water’s boiled, pour a sufficient amount to cover the basil seeds and goji berries…


Twisted, I forgot to twist the cap of my water bottle off today. And there it was, my bag, acting as a temporary swimming pool for my Istanbul notebook, my reusable shopping bag, my keys, my wallet and my phone….


Boil some water. Put three dried shitake mushrooms in. Measure a plateful of shell pasta – I’m using Lumache 50. Put in pasta when water boils. In the meanwhile, take dried roasted ebi and dried wakame out of the cupboard….


Make spaghetti. For sauce, melt butter in frying pan, put in garlic and onion until golden brown, mix in chopped tomato, cubed broccoli stem, chopped champignon, a bit of cream cheese, a bit of white wine, a bit of nutmeg,…

parmesan rice crackers.

This one is even quicker than quickie. Put plain rice crackers on a plate. Put shredded parmesan cheese on top of them. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Tada. Add pepper to taste. Caper and eat with caper.


This is usually ready in 20 minutes. Put rice in a pot, with enough water. You can measure how much water is enough by putting your index finger on top of the rice (pointing to the rice). The water should…


Whole-kernel corn grated from cob, broccoli cut to small pieces, green bell pepper cut to small squares, baby spinach leaves, spring onion, grated pickled garlic, mixed together with a sauce of wholegrain mustard, kewpie mayonnaise, rice vinegar, salt and pepper,…


Wholemeal bread, toasted, with pool of melted salted butter and excessive honey on top.


Today’s menu, my first chicken cooking ever: Fry garlic and onion in canola oil until brownish, put in chicken cut in small cubes, add salt, black pepper, throw in sliced champignon, then add sweet soy sauce to taste. Pour that…