I still can’t forget the faces of those high school girls in Singapore. They were listening to my story, and in the end of it one of them said she would never forget it. As part of Make Your Own…


He’s an Ivy League lawyer who doesn’t believe that a mere middle class can fly the world even when she does so in economy class he insisted she must be an heir. An heir she is, of all the stories…


When an art fair makes me doubt my being an artist, as much as I love the third day of people, I question myself: how can I call myself an artist if I don’t get these objects? How can I…

one day.

It was late in the day, the plaza was empty. No classes. The canteen was closed, and we were sitting in front of it, just the two of us, watching the horizon. Sunset. You told me you wanted a girlfriend….


Dear system 1, I would hereby like to let you know that I am aware of you. Please stop trying to convince me of things inconceivable, because being mindful of you I can distinguish you from the life I live….

new year.

Something hit and I had to take a distance from myself today. I saw so many jumbled emotions there, like if a firework had strings attached to each of its tiny explosions, each of its other ends tied to its…


Life is a grand, complex accident happening in extreme extreme slow motion. We manoeuvre as best we can in the meanwhile, but death is eventual.


Time, as Cummings has written, is what keeps everything from happening all at once. My time, however, keeps everything happening all at once. All the time, I try incessantly to keep everything from happening all at once, but I’m not…


My next birthday is so significant. It is, as Dale’s physician has said, the end of the body that I was born with, and the beginning of the body that I’ve earned. That is why it is so significant. So…


This is the longest clip from The Most International Artist in the Universe, Tintin Wulia 2011, a site-specific multiple-channel installation of advertisement clips in duration of 15″, 30″, 45″ and 60″ installed in between other artworks and hidden in toilets.