My brother lives over the ocean. The last time I’ve seen him in person was almost three years ago. He would appear and disappear on Skype, and on Facebook, and we would chat or just turn chat on while he practices his trumpet accompanying me being busy. I believe that one day I will see him in person, when either I or he can find the time to visit, in person.

My grandfather lives nowhere. Never in my life have I seen him in person. He would have appeared and disappeared through my father’s story, and in my dream once, and he would just sit there in front of me because as they say, the dead don’t talk in your dream. I believe that he doesn’t talk in my dream because I had never seen him talk, which is pathetic because what does that say about my brain – that it’s incapable of imagining him talk?

My father lives no more. The last time I’ve seen him in person was too long and a lot of sadness ago. He would appear and disappear neither on Skype, nor on Facebook, only in my dreams. Sometime he talks, sometime he doesn’t. What I know is that my mother misses him so painfully she keeps it closed as a chapter. Clearly she believes life is about moving forward and I’m so proud of her for winning all those piano competitions and for still having a five-year plan in her hands. May her life be long and healthy.