elephant dream.

I just had an elephant dream. Did you know that most elephants are genetically modified for warfare? They’re genetically modified to fly. Not that they actually can’t fly, they’re just naturally too scared to fly. Their ears are naturally fit to fly, it’s just most of them are too afraid of flying.

Another amazing use of the elephants’ ears is – and this is quite unexpected – as sleeping bags. The elephant whisperer showed me how this is possible. She told the elephant to lie down tummy up, and we laid its ears out. I was surprised to see that when the ears were laid out all flat and tidy, they were actually in the shape of a long square.

I tried lying down on one and could imagine how easy it could be to just roll myself in it and sleep. For every elephant who has been genetically modified (not to change the shape of their ears, but to make them less afraid to fly), two people would be able to sleep side by side, with the elephant in the middle. This is quite practical.